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Why is choosing a car renting service from Self Drive Nepal a great idea?

Mar 27 2024

No matter how busy we are, sparing time for relaxation is essential and for that, a drive to the outskirts can help. To help you out on making a drive, the best car rental in Nepal, Self Drive is here! Let’s look into our services in detail.

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Why is choosing a car renting service from Self Drive a great idea?

     5 Features of Self Drive car rental services

  •           Easy and quick online booking
  •           A clean and well-maintained vehicle
  •           Privacy and freedom
  •           All Nepal permits
  •           Limited liability

5 Features of Self Drive car rental services

Easy and quick online booking

When you opt for driving a rental car in Nepal, then with us, everything gets fast. Just get yourself a smartphone and download the app "SELF DRIVE," where you have a fleet of vehicles to choose from. We have luxury cars, compact hatchbacks, spacious sedans, and powerful SUVs. Just pick a car, select the pickup point, return point, and tada!! Booking confirmed.

A clean and well-maintained vehicle

Hygiene is a great concern for Self Drive Nepal as it has to maintain its reputation of “ the best car rental company in Nepal” and keep the customers happy. We ensure to have our vehicles thoroughly cleaned up and groomed before handing over the key to you.

Privacy and freedom

You can get complete freedom and privacy while driving cars from Self Drive Nepal as you will have your own or your favorite one as your company; no one else. You can just turn on your favorite music, gossip and enjoy every moment while driving to your destinations.

All Nepal permits

When you rent a car from us, you can drive anywhere, anytime, all over Nepal, as we have permits for different locations. There is no limit to travel. So, you are free to explore Nepal in your easy and comfortable rented car. 

Limited liability

Compared to cabs or taxis, charges for car rental can be pretty economical. Thus renting cars from Self-drive Nepal means owning rented yet elegant cars at affordable prices. Not only that, but you can have a good deal on luxurious and insured cars daily, weekly, or even monthly.

Choose Self Drive, Choose Class-Apart Luxury

Self Drive- A leading car rental service in Nepal offers wonderful yet practical cars for your journey to any place, any time, and for any time. Luxury cars at Self Drive are well-cleaned, well-maintained and safe. We always have a flexible option for you to cherish and have a comfortable travel experience. Also, our car rental services are available for those who require to rent a car for their desired period of time. The bottom line is that services at Self Drive Nepal are affordable, convenient, and safe. 

Once you have made up your mind, you can go for the online booking or Self Drive App, you can get the car delivered instantly to your doorstep.

If you want to avail the best car rental service in Nepal, you can contact us. Enjoy and have a safe and luxurious drive.  

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