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rent a car in kathmandu

How to rent a car in Nepal?

Mar 14 2024

Considering to rent a car in Nepal? For that, you can contact a car rental company for your travel endeavors; either you take charge or lay back while the driver drives. The car rental concept is yet to be known by people in Nepal, and in this scenario, finding a way to rent a car is quite a difficult task. However, the available car rentals are devoted to educating people and providing their services. So, with this blog, we will cover the process needed to rent a car in Nepal. 

Table of Content

When does a person need to rent a car?

Ways to rent a car

     ● Through personal connections

     ● Arrangement in local transport and travel company

     ● Official Car rental company in Nepal

Finding Best Car Rentals in Nepal

Why Self Drive?

When does a person need to rent a car?

Car rentals can assist those living in big cities like Kathmandu and demand easier and faster drive within and around the city. Along with this, when you're ready for a road trip or a relaxing holiday, you can use a car rental service. In fact, car rental is so versatile that you can employ them for special occasions such as proposing to your lover or attending a friend's wedding or party.

3 Ways to Rent a Car in Nepal

Renting a car in Nepal is easy as you have convenience as there are 3 modes for such rental. Let's get into detail. 

Through personal connections

Now, this one basically includes getting cars for rent from family members and friends. You can use their car and pay them (you don't have to pay if they don't insist on rent money). The other network of your family and friends can also bring you great deals on renting cars for desired time.

Arrangement in local transport and travel company

There are local tour and travel agencies that also provide transportation services. In Nepal, if you approach such agencies for car rentals, you might be given a smile of YES. But here, not having insurance and high cost can be an issue. 

Car rental company in Nepal 

The number of car rental companies in Nepal is a handful. Those who are existing operate offline(directly dealing with customers), online (via the website), and through mobile apps. This certainly reflects the car rental industry of Nepal embracing digitalization. Among these car rental companies in Nepal, Self Drive is one prominent name.

Why Self Drive? 

Self Drive is a leading car rental company in Nepal, offering accessibility, safety, professionalism, and budget-friendliness car rental services. The company has a wide range of cars- from SUVs to Premium cars like Mercedes. Moreover, we provide 24/7 customer support, guaranteeing you safe and ease.

You can enjoy instant car hire in Nepal with our App, Self Drive. You just log in to the App, select car range/category, make a booking, get your car details, wait for the due date of the trip or tour, and drive the beauty.

Think of the best car rental in Nepal, we, Self Drive, are the one!! Remember us for your best-in-class car rental needs. 

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