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car rental price in kathmandu, Nepal

Car Rental Price in Nepal for Self Drive

Mar 18 2024

Nepal's breathtaking landscapes and rich cultural heritage have long enticed travelers from around the world. The allure of a self-drive adventure through this enchanting country, at an affordable price, promises an unforgettable experience. In this blog, find out the car rental price in Kathmandu and car rental price in Nepal through Self Drive Nepal.

Welcome to the ultimate adventure in Nepal – where freedom meets the open road. Our "Rent a Car and Drive Yourself" service invites you to explore Nepal's breathtaking landscapes, rich cultural heritage, and hidden gems at your own pace. Embark on a journey of discovery as you take the wheel and navigate through lush valleys, majestic mountains, and vibrant cities. With our reliable fleet of vehicles and a commitment to providing you with unmatched flexibility, get ready to create memories that will last a lifetime. Get ready to unlock the wonders of Nepal as you drive yourself to the heart of its beauty and diversity.

In this blog, we dive into our car rental prices in Kathmandu, Nepal for self drive inside the valley and outside the valley. Keep reading to find out the prices of car rentals for self drive to unlock your new adventure.

Inside the Kathmandu Valley

If you want to hire a car in Kathmandu, Nepal without a driver, you can rent hatchback cars like the Ford Freestyle and i10, offering comfort and efficiency starting at just Rs. 5000 per day within the KTM Valley or Rs. 115,000 per month. For a touch of luxury, you can rent sedans like the Suzuki Ciaz or Honda Amaze, combining elegance with convenience at a daily cost of Rs. 6000 within the valley and Rs. 120,000 monthly.

SUV enthusiasts can take on the muddy and adventurous terrains in style with options such as renting Brezza, Venue, Duster, and Nissan Kicks, available at Rs. 8000 per day and Rs. 150,000 per month within the KTM Valley. Similarly, you can indulge in the grandeur of a Creta or MG Petrol Automatic LUX SUV at Rs. 8000 and Rs 10,000 respectively, or rent EV SUV in Nepal at the cost of Rs. 8000 for a day or Rs. 150,000 for a month.

If you're traveling with a group, you can rent Mahindra XUV 500 and Scorpio, both 7-seaters, which provide ample space and power starting at Rs. 11000 per day and Rs. 180,000 per month. For an unparalleled VIP experience, you can rent Toyota Land Cruiser Prado in Nepal, offering unmatched luxury at Rs. 40,000 per day and Rs. 500,000 per month, allowing you to traverse Nepal in style and comfort. Whether you're staying within the KTM Valley or venturing beyond, our car rental options cater to every traveler's needs, ensuring an unforgettable journey through Nepal's breathtaking landscapes.

Outside the Kathmandu Valley

Our car rental options beyond the KTM Valley ensure that you can traverse Nepal's varied landscapes with the utmost comfort and style, making your journey a truly remarkable one.

For traveling outside of the Kathmandu Valley, you can rent hatchback cars in Nepal such as the Ford Freestyle and i10, providing both economy and comfort, with rates starting at just Rs. 6000 per day and Rs. 130,000 per month. The users can elevate their travel experience by renting sedans in Nepal like the Suzuki Ciaz or Honda Amaze, offering style and convenience at Rs. 6500 per day and Rs. 150,000 per month.

You can also rent Self Drive Nepal’s SUV options including Brezza, Venue, Duster, and Nissan Kicks await your command, offering power and versatility at Rs. 9000 per day and Rs. 170,000 per month. For those who seek the pinnacle of luxury, you can hire the Creta LUX SUV and MG Petrol Automatic LUX SUV  available at Rs. 10,000 and Rs. 180,000, respectively.

Similarly, you can delve into sustainable travel by renting an EV SUV at the same rate, ensuring both an eco-conscious and thrilling journey. Group travelers will find comfort and space in our 7-seater Mahindra XUV 500 and Scorpio, starting at Rs. 13,000 per day and Rs. 220,000 per month. To truly embrace the spirit of luxury and opulence, the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado awaits your command, offering an unparalleled experience at Rs. 60,000 per day and Rs. 700,000 per month.

Price List for Self Drive Nepal


Vehicle Type

Vehicle Model

Daily Cost Inside KTM Valley

Monthly Inside KTM Valley

Daily Cost Outside KTM Valley

Monthly Cost Out Side KTM Valley



Hatchback Car


5 Seater


Ford Freestyle, Hyundai i10


Rs 5000


Rs 115,000


Rs 6000


Rs 130,000


Sedan Car


5 Seater


Suzuki Ciaz


Rs 6000


Rs 120,000


Rs 6500


Rs 150,000


Sedan Car




Honda Amaze


Rs 6000


Rs 120,000


Rs 7000


Rs 160,000




SUV- 5 Seater




Nissan Kicks


Rs 8000


Rs 150,000


Rs 9000


Rs 170,000


LUX SUV- 5 Seater


Rs 8000

Rs 160,000

Rs 10000

Rs 180,000



MG Petrol Automatic

Rs 10000

Rs 180,000

Rs 12000

Rs 200,000


EV SUV- 5 Seater

Electric Automatic

Rs 8000

Rs 150,000

Rs 9000

Rs 170,000


SUV- 7 Seater

Mahindra XUV 500

Rs 11000

Rs 180,000

Rs 13000

Rs 220,000


4WD SUV- 7 Seater

Mahindra Scorpio

Rs 10000

Rs 160,000

Rs 12000

Rs 200,000



Toyota Land Cruiser Prado

Rs 40000

Rs 500,000

Rs 60000

Rs 700,000

Procedure & Documents

Before you start your journey by renting a car with a driver in Nepal, you need to remember a few important things. First, you need a valid driving license for at least three years. This shows you're a skilled driver. Also, to rent a car for self drive, you need to bring a copy of your passport or citizenship and a copy of a reliable person's citizenship. This helps with the rental process.

To make sure your adventure goes smoothly, you should pay for everything upfront. We also need access to your Master card or Visa card for security purposes. Also, as a safety deposit - you need 9+1, which totals 10,00,000 Nepalese Rupees. This is extra assurance that you'll take care of the vehicle. You'll also have to provide us with two cheques and your signature to confirm this.

When you've got these things sorted, you're ready for your adventure. Imagine driving through Nepal's beautiful places and cultures, guided by your own choices. Just remember, the key to your journey is in your hands!

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List of Procedures & and Documents

1. Valid Driving License (minimum of 3 years old)

2. Valid Passport Copy / Citizenship Copy of car renter and witness citizenship copy

3. Full payment in advance

4. Access your Master card/ Visa card for security deposit purposes. (9+1) = 10,00,000 Total 2 cheques and duly signed terms as you will return the vehicle as you have taken.

If you don't want to ride yourself, you can also rent a car with a driver in Kathmandu, Nepal for travel across Nepal via Spark Car.

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