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cars for rentals

Amazing 5 Tips to Consider while selecting cars for rental

Mar 28 2024

People who are into " hiring a car" think of their favorite car and the joyous driving experience before searching for "car rentals near me."  In this process, they make sure to research well and get the car of dreams, Rented! To help you pick the best car for rental, we have come up with this blog.

Table of Contents

5 Tips to select the best cars to rent from self drive car

  •      Select the car based on your specific plans
  •      Choose something that you’re used to driving
  •      Always Pay attention to the size
  •      Understand the agreement
  •      Compare Weekly and Daily Rates

5 Tips to select the best rental cars to rent 

Select the car based on your specific plans

A car rental company will most likely offer a wide range of vehicle options to cover every need. But it is up to you to choose the best car for your purpose. So, you must have answers for: Do you want to drive long distances? Maybe a rental luxury car? Or the safest car? Or should I get a self-drive car?

Pro-tip: The more defined your rental car needs, the more you can be confident when choosing a rental car.

[Check out the reasons Why should you rent a self-drive car in Nepal? ]

Choose something that you’re used to driving

One who has a habit of driving a manual car may find it hard to drive an automatic car; further, one who drives a WagonR may find issues while driving a Hyundai. This is all because you, as a driver, were accustomed to one particular car and driving accordingly. Trying a new car may be adventurous, but unfamiliarity with the car you’re driving can cause dangerous driving. So, always choose the car you have used. 

Always Pay attention to the size

When choosing a rental car, you must be careful about picking the right size. A compact car in the US and a car in Nepal are not the same. Choosing the right-sized vehicle is a balancing act, so think about how many passengers, how much luggage, and how much space you'll need. But whenever you are visiting a place with a tiny parking space and narrow roads, think about getting a small little automobile.

Understand the agreement

Examining the rental company's terms and conditions, limits, and penalties is crucial once you have determined the car size for rental purposes. Rules may cover petrol tanks, extra insurance, and vehicle damage.To be precise, these rules and restrictions that govern rental cars do affect your entire plans; so check on this always.

Compare Weekly and Daily Rates

A weekly rate might be less expensive if you need to rent a car for several days, but if you make your reservation less than a week on weekends, it's likely to be more expensive. Additionally, you want to check daily costs as each day can vary. In fact, one single person can remark on the arrival of the new season, a particular holiday, or anything else. Thus, you should always check for daily and weekly costs.

For further information, you can read our blog How to rent a car in Nepal?

Why Choose Self-drive for a car rental service in Nepal?

At Self Drive Nepal, we offer affordable, convenient,and luxurious cars for your needs. We offer charges on an hourly rate or daily rates. We have all Nepal permits and limited liability with the facility of drivers. And if you want to take charge and drive on your own, then you can have a car for self-drive too. However, you have to pass our test and obtain the results. With this, you can have your own privacy & freedom even in rented cars.

You can download our Self Drive App, select any car from our fleet of cars and avail the best of tours.


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