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road trip in kathmandu

5 best destinations for a road trip around Kathmandu

Mar 17 2024

What blows in your mind when you hear about road trips? Adventure and fun, right? A road trip is undoubtedly an adventure and a great way to cover different places rather than traveling by plane. You can make an excellent trip located along the way, and the conversations with your loved ones end up being the best road trips ever. But road trips are only fun when planned right. So, to help you plan your much-awaited road trips, we’ve listed some of your best destinations.


Let’s begin.  


5 Amazing places around Kathmandu for road trips

If you are setting out a dream for the best road trips, look no further with our picks of the best destinations from 1 day to weeks. 



Shivapuri is one of the closest national parks in Kathmandu. You will get to see the beautiful village with the colorful hills and beautiful environment. It’s a good driving lane for road trips, and you can spend some time in a peaceful atmosphere there. If hiking is your second preference, it’s a great place to go, where you can enjoy various waterfalls and beautiful scenery. 



Chisapani offers beautiful views of mountains and green forests that can chill your senses. Going on road trips to Chisa Pani, you can get good views of the Langtang, Dorje Lakpa and Mount Everest. It is an attractive village facing the Karnali river. Chisapani is also a trekking destination and a perfect place with open space, so why not go for a road trip in Chisapani? 



If you love mountains and scenic views, then Nagarkot is the place for your road trip. Nagarkot is a popular destination near Kathmandu, providing one of the best panoramic views of mountains and scenic beauty. You can spot 8 out of 15 Himalayas from the comfort of your hotels. So, if you have less time but want to go on a road trip, then Nagarkot is the place for you. 


Markhu Village

Mark is a beautiful village located near Kathmandu. The natural beauty and scenery are why you should go for a road trip in March. The roads here are off-road, so if you love driving off-road, this is the best place. Moreover, Mark is the nearest place from Kathmandu to retreat with the family and friends for the night out with some bbq, fire camp, and music jam.



Daman Village is a refreshment trip destination for your overnight trip from the Kathmandu valley. You can experience the breathtaking view of the highest mountain Dhaulagiri to Mt Everest. Moreover, Daman village is unchanged by modernization so that you can experience the authentic beauty of Nepal. As the road isn’t very bumpy, it is one of the best short road trips to go with your family and friends. The peaceful roads in the hills will refresh you. 


Do’s and Don’ts of a road trip for smooth traveling

Starting with the Do’s will make your road trip a smooth and astounding experience

  • First, do a proper vehicle check before moving ahead with the road trip and avoid mishaps of shortage of diesel and petrol; list down all the petrol pumps.
  • Carrying handy water bottles to cause hydration is an excellent way to alert you on the roads. Don’t forget the snacks, as they will provide an energy boost.
  • Be sure to take breaks, explore the different places and take pictures to keep the road trip in your memories. 

Don’ts that you definitely should avoid.

  • First, don’t forget to bring printed maps of the destination. Also, don’t follow the GPS recklessly.
  • Another thing that you should altogether avoid during road trips is drinking and driving, as it may cause mishaps. Not to mention sleeping in the passenger seat. 
  • Sometimes you stop for a food break for the excellent and different cuisines; sometimes, you might get sick, so stick to simple food. 

Self Drive Nepal: For the most thrilling Road Trip of your life

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