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5 Essential Hacks for Road Trips You Should Know

Jul 14 2023

We love road trips, but because of some lack of planning or missing out on something can make our trips not-so-happening. So, at this time, the best move would be to look for road trip hacks. And here we are with this guide that covers 5 essential hacks for your road trips. Let's dive in.


5 Effective Road Trip Hacks: Make sure to follow them

Plan Ahead

You should plan your journey if you want impeccable road trips. You should decide the routes you are taking and how fast you'd like to complete the whole way. Also the hotels you are going to stay in. Planning ahead of your road trips will give you an idea of what to expect from the road trips. Most importantly, always have a Plan B to avoid nuisances.

Choose a Destination

While planning for your road trip, you should decide where you want to go. It's an excellent idea to choose a destination that is not too far from your stay. In fact, the shorter the road trip, the earlier you will return home. But if you have time and are on days for road trips, then you can fix the destinations and plan itineraries.

Rent a car

Once you've decided on your destination, you should find a reliable car rental. The car you will rent should be spacious enough to fit you and your road trip partner or group. The car rental companies have thoroughly maintained cars, internally and externally. Not only this, but car rentals offer you numerous benefits.

Good Navigation Apps

Have you ever lost your way and had a disturbing experience? So, before any journey, be it a road trip or something else, one of the essential things to do is to download a good navigation app that can precisely offer offline navigation features. 

Get a first-aid Kit

Accidents may occur at any time, so you can take along the first aid kit on your road trip and use it to get relief from the discomfort in case you or your friend get involved in a minor accident. It would be best if you had it. 

Things to consider before you rent a car in Nepal

  • Determine whether you are going on a family road trip or friend road trip, or a solo road trip. In case of road trips with people, make sure to rent a car with enough seats.
  • If you're traveling with a child, check the child seat policy to ensure the safety of the child. 
  • Always ensure the vehicle's conditions.
  • Consider the car rental terms and conditions before you make your reservation. 

Self Drive Nepal: Best Car Rental in Nepal For Adventurous Road Trips

Renting a car for road trips might be a challenging part, but Self Drive Nepal -The reliable and most-trusted car rental in Nepal is here for you. Car rental services at Self Drive Nepal are magnificent, as you have a fleet of cars-SUVs, Hatchbacks, Sedans, Electric vehicles, Luxury cars, etc.- to choose from.

So, how to book a rental car then? Well, all you have to do is Download the Self Drive Nepal App or Visit our official website. Upon any confusion or issues, you can Contact us. We will be there to help you 24/7- 365 days.

You can read our blog on [ Why is choosing a car renting service from Self Drive Nepal is a great idea? ] to get further information about us.


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