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renting a car

5 Amazing Benefits of Renting a Car over Using your Own Vehicle

Mar 11 2024

Mostly for long trips or drives, people frequently wonder which is a better option: public transportation, a rented car, or just driving their vehicles. The most convenient and practical answer would be” Rented cars from Car Rental Companies.” To be more specific, what makes rental cars better than using own vehicle? We’ll discuss about it in detail in this blog.

5 Benefits of renting a car over using your own car

Family trips with no compromise on space.

We make plans for trips with friends and family, and most of the time, we need a larger vehicle bigger than ours. What happens, then? You try to adjust and compromise on spacious seating for your friends and family. Hence, when you opt for car rentals, you will surely appreciate the variety of vehicles available.

Meet your need for comfort

Hiring a car allows you to go at your own pace rather than being constrained by schedules. With rented cars, which are already serviced and checked, you can simply book rather than wait to get your car serviced. Furthermore, renting allows you to experience driving various brand-new vehicles and experience a premium feel.

Convenience & Cost-Effective

Renting a car is not a hassle: it is a simple and easy process-just Browse, Book, and Drive. The selected car, after booking, can be delivered to your home in minutes. Moreover, you will get clean and well-maintained vehicles. To rent a car, you don’t have to burn your wallet; they are cost-effective, but you must have to consider certain aspects like booking before the week.

A Bigger and Safer Option

Car rental is the best option when your current vehicle isn't quite right for the trip. If you have doubts about your car breaking down in the middle of the journey and bringing a threat to your security then you can wholeheartedly go for car rentals.

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You will not damage your car

One of the great reasons to rent a car over using your vehicle is to avoid damage to your car. Also, why add extra miles to your vehicles when you can simply rent another car?  In fact, you can avoid taking your own car to bumpy, terrains or off-road. In case of unfortunate accidents, car rental insurance safeguards you and damages are made to the rented cars, not yours.

Searching for Rental cars in Nepal? - Reach out to Self Drive

Self drive car rental in Nepal is getting popular as one can rent a car, drive by themselves and have a good time without spending much money. Among various names providing car rentals, Self Drive is your ultimate stop. In fact, we are the best car rental in Nepal as we own a fleet of cars from various luxury brands and a satisfied clientele who are still availing our services.

To get your hands on our rental cars, you can Book a car through our website or download the Self Drive App. You can contact us for any queries.

For more watch this video: Self Drive Nepal delivers a variety of cars

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