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rental car vs hire a driver

What To do: Hire a driver or Just drive Yourself The Rented Car?

Mar 28 2024

Well, you have finally opted to rent a car after understanding the benefits of renting a car. But the decision to either “hire a driver” or “drive the rented car yourself” has gotten you to scratch your head. Well, to make the ultimate decision, you have to research well. Let’s look into the pros and cons of each of these options and see which one you have to choose.


Pros of hiring a driver

1. Hiring a driver can relieve the distress of your trips, as driving yourself while on a trip might overtire you.

2. You’ll also have the option to relax and be more comfortable in the car.

3. You can Enjoy a Seamless Commute.

4. Professional drivers can drive in almost all conditions ensuring safety.

5. Peace of Mind to get help when something wrong can happen.

Cons of hiring a driver

1. You are giving 100 percent trust to the driver, i.e., you are solely trusting your life to the driver.

2. Every person is different, and hence all drivers may not be well-behaved.

3. Your privacy will no longer stay private.

Things to consider when hiring a driver

1. Reliability and punctuality of vehicle drivers.

2. Their Experience in driving

3. Their approved identification as a professional driver

4. Personality and attitude of the driver

Pros of self-driving your rented car

Self-drive is a fantastic way to explore your destination with all-embracing pliability and freedom. Self-driving would be the perfect choice as travelers find it adventurous to experiment with new destinations.

1. You will have well-maintained privacy; talk loud and proud with your friends or family.

2. You can enjoy a chance to explore and drive as per your schedule.

3. You can relish comfortable traveling with your people.

4. You certainly have control of the wheels, and your life is in your hands.

Cons of self-driving your rented car

1. You are liable if you are involved in a vehicle accident.

2. You may not be extremely familiar with all traffic rules in foreign nations. And this may lead to suffering legal action.

3. Suppose you need to leave the vehicle unattended in some locations depending on the security situation. In that case, you may need to do a search of the vehicle before entering it and departing.


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The Winner: Hire a driver v/s Drive Yourself

Following the comparison, each has pros and cons. You can choose, as per your necessity. For instance, if you feel tired and don’t want to take the lead, then just opt for a driver but if you are confident and driving gives you that adrenaline rush, then go for self-drive.

The Privilege of Driver and Self Drive Just at Self Drive Nepal

While choosing a car rental service, you want the best services; you wouldn’t want to be stranded with neglected drivers and poorly maintained vehicles. To avoid all, you have to look for the best car rental in Nepal and for that, Self Drive is the name. In fact, we offer both car rental with a driver and rental car without a driver. You can travel to your destination with style and class in our luxurious cars.  Contact Self Drive Nepal to inquire about everything to make a reservation.

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