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Self Drive- The Best Car Rental in Nepal | 5 Reasons to Support

Sep 20 2022

Nepal is a lively country with the Himalayas, lush green,  and numerous cultural diversity. You need to have a good vehicle when roaming around the cities or the rural areas. Sometimes, you might want to leave your car at home but still want to drive on your trip, so for that car rental in Nepal with the Self-drive option, i.e. getting a rental car that the customer could drive. Among some such rentals,  Self Drive is the market leader.

We provide extraordinary car rentals, ranging from a normal range of cars to high-class luxurious ones. 

So, what factors make us the best car rentals in Nepal? We will cover it in detail in the blog.

  1. All Nepal Permits
  2. Limited Liability
  3. Clean & Well-Maintained Fleet
  4. Privacy & Freedom
  5. Easy and quick online booking


In addition, our fleet of vehicles is insured, ensuring your safety while you drive over open highways. Depending on the plan you choose, we offer an hourly or daily cost.

Through our app, Self Drive, you may make an instant booking. 

Feel free to visit our website and get in contact if you are in need of a self-drive rental car.

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