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Sedan vs. SUV: Find the perfect car for your travel

Jan 01 2023

A customer's most common debate is whether to rent an SUV in Nepal or rent a Sedan in Nepal. The SUV and Sedan have pros, so how does one decide on the car? To help you determine a vehicle that suits your needs, we have compiled a list of guides for you.

Let's Start. 


Table Of Contents

Top Five Features to look into while renting a car

Dimensions Of the Vehicles

Greater Safety features


Comfort and Luxury

Great Performance

Are SUVs Preferable to the Sedan?

Either Sedan or SUVs - Reach Out To Self Drive Nepal.


Top Five Features to look into while renting a car

Let's look at the top five features of each vehicle to help you choose the more suitable car. 

  • Dimensions Of the Vehicles 

Regarding the dimensions, SUVs are big in height compared to Sedan making SUVs more spacious. SUVs are more popular and suitable for long drives and have more storage space when you have children. Speaking of Sedans, you need to be careful while driving as you might end up wounding the lower side of your body. 

  • Greater Safety Features

Due to the closed trunks, Sedan inclines are a safer storage choice than SUVs. The SUVs are more open vehicles with big windows and windshields, so whatever you have in SUVs will be easily visible from the outside, generating insecurity among the occupants. 

  • Mileage 

SUVs tend to proffer more excellent fuel proficiency than sedans because the Sedans are smaller than SUVs regarding the length and height of the vehicle. So, if you are setting up for a long drive on paved roads, Sedan can be a great choice to diminish the entire cost of the trip. Moreover, Sedans are easier to drive as it is close to the ground than SUVs. 

  • Comfort and Luxury

While the Sedan and SUVs are comfortable, the Sedan usually tends to be more pleased. The Sedans often have more control over the features like seat adaptation so you can navigate comfortably. In addition, Sedan offers new features in varying levels of luxury. 

  • Great Performance

Sedans are considered easier to drive, so they have excellent performance compared to SUVs. So, the driving performance also favors Sedans more than SUVs. The lower height of the vehicles sums up to the lower drag coefficient when contrasted to the large SUVs, which denotes that you can drive faster, confining more power simultaneously. 


Are SUVs Preferable to the Sedan?

The curiosity of finding yourself a perfect vehicle for your trip is common and complicated with the transport options of sedans and SUVs. While both the Sedan and SUVs have their public benefits, selecting the vehicle will be quite a complex task, so list the basic requirements of the car that satisfies your necessities depending upon the road conditions, number of people, space, budget and many more. Regard the above factors to help you find a perfect vehicle for your trip. 

Either Sedan or SUVs - Reach Out To Self Drive Nepal.

Many factors are looked into while deciding on the vehicles. At Self Drive Nepal, we proudly provide you with copious vehicles between Sedans and SUVs. In the matter of luxury car rentals in Nepal, Self Drive Nepal  wins the record as it strives to provide the best car rental in Nepal for the customers with variations of the cars as per your necessity. We ensure the vehicles are safe, clean, well maintained, comfortable and excellent performance to make your trip the best of the best with the best car rentals in Nepal. 

You can rent an SUV in Nepal through the Self Drive Nepal App or contact us to rent a Sedan in Nepal to make your trip fantastic and safe.