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Luxurious Cars for your Monsoon road trip

Mar 27 2024

Monsoon is officially here!! To be honest with airways & local buses, this trip will be hectic as airways and local buses may be delayed & canceled due to bad weather. But cheer up; there are top-grade yet affordable luxurious cars to rent for your perfect trip. Let's look at the top-five luxury cars you will need to rent for your monsoon road trip.

Table of Contents

Luxurious Cars for your Monsoon road trip

     Top-Five Amazing Luxury Cars for Monsoon Trip

  •           BMW
  •           Scorpio
  •           Sedan
  •           SUV
  •           Hatchback

     Monsoon Road Trip Tips!!!

     Where can I get to Rent Luxurious Cars In Nepal?

Top-Five Amazing Luxury Cars for Monsoon Trip


If you want comfort with style, BMW is the one for you. This car is perfect for a pair of people for an incredible road trip because the ride remains flawless regardless of where you drive. 


One of the fantastic features of Scorpio is that it is very comfortable for a long journey. Scorpio has a comprehensive and spacious cabin that makes it easy and comfortable. Moreover, Scorpio will assure peace of mind over rough landscapes too. If you like masculine looks and off-road trips, go for Scorpio for your road trip. 


For everyone, first impressions count a lot. And a luxury sedan car with aesthetic appeal will help you make an excellent first impression. Sedans are classy, modern and beautiful. At the same time, sedans are convenient and guarantee safety. Using a luxury sedan will offer a perfect road trip with a smooth journey. 


Suv is a comfortable car that takes hold of the trouble of road trips making them more enjoyable. Also, the SUV has more extensive options from 5-seaters to 7-seaters, and if you'd like a road trip with your family in comfort, the SUV is the best choice. 


A hatchback offers comfortability and budget responsiveness combined with an impressive performance and spacious interior. For a safe, secure Monsoon trip, a compact hatchback can be your best friend.

Monsoon Road Trip Tips!!!

1. Check & Review Your Car's Condition- engine, fuel tank, tire, brakes, etc.

2. Pack Strategically for the planned itinerary as well as for emergencies. You can carry a first aid kit.

3. Explore the fun places to eat, Because good food, good mood, right? 

4. Plan scenic stops and short breaks for refreshment.

5. Have Fun with the droplets of water by getting out of the car after parking it at a safe place.

Where can I get to Rent Luxurious Cars In Nepal? 

You selected the destination for a road trip with luxurious cars but are now puzzled about where to find it. Wait, it's not a thing to worry about anymore! We, Self-Drive Nepal, the best car rentals in Nepal, are here. 

Self Drive offers a range of cars, from normal cars to luxurious ones. Serving " Rent a car service in Nepal," we strive to provide customers with the most convenient and secure trips. Mercedez, Jaguar, Sedan, SUV(5 seaters to 7 seaters) and many more are on the luxurious car list of Self-drive.

So, take your phone, download the SELF DRIVE APP and get your luxury car for Monsoon booked. [ For iOS,  download the SELF-DRIVE APP.

You can contact us for any queries on our services. 

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