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How are self-drive cars better than taxis in 2022?

Mar 28 2024

The traditional choice of car rental in Nepal is Taxis, but professional car rental services have changed the scenario. In fact, self-drive car services are getting more love among the available car rental services. This fact certainly shows positive light towards self-drive cars over taxis. So in this blog, we will look into why self-drive cars are a better option than taxis in 2022.

Table of Contents

Perks of using self-drive cars in Nepal

Self-drive cars v/s taxis-The Ultimate Battle

  1. Experience Freedom
  2. Relish the unrestricted time-bound
  3. Enjoy your privacy
  4. Safety
  5. Cost-effective

Self-drive Nepal: The Trusted Name in Car Rental in Nepal

Perks of using self-drive cars in Nepal

With Self Drive as your drive partner, you are your boss. You can take yourself on a drive to your desired destination at your own speed, time and thrill. Self-drive is a new way of renting a car in such a way that it is your car! You get your time and space in the car, you have the steering wheel in your hands selecting the route and making as many stops as you like, and you do not even have to make extra payments for these! Above all, the good hygiene and the well-maintained condition of the self-drive cars make the journey even more enjoyable.

Self-drive cars v/s taxis-The Ultimate Battle

When you make a deal with self-drive, it beats every aspect of your deal with a taxi. When planning a trip or a tour, there is always a dilemma between a taxi and a car rental service. In this constant battle between your choices, your ultimate choice is self-drive. The following reasons can justify this choice better:

Experience Freedom

Self-drive offers you the epitome of freedom in terms of choosing your destination, selecting your own route, reaching there at your own pace and speed and making as many stops as you wish on your way. You get to make the entire decision of the journey as though the car is yours!

Relish the unrestricted time-bound

Unlike taxis, self-drive offers you a long duration of service. While taxis let you ride for a day or a maximum of a week, self-drive, on the other hand, lets you enjoy the drive for even a month, and you can even elongate your subscription further.

Enjoy your privacy

When you’re on a drive, chit-chat, gossip, discussions, and conversations are inevitable. Moreover, they entice the journey. But with an outsider as a driver, like that in a taxi, it becomes uncomfortable for you and your co-travelers to continue the conversation or to even begin one. Self-drive provides you with the privacy that you need and deserve. The entire privacy will be in your hands, along with the steering wheel.


Until and unless you or someone you trust is in the driver's seat, there won’t be any questions of risks in your mind. But when you’ve given the driver seats to an unknown person, you might have doubts during the trip as you’ve embarked on a long tour trusting the driver’s seat with someone else. But all these doubts and uncertainties vanish when you drive the car all by yourself. Furthermore, self-drive has a driver facility who are well-experienced, licensed and are presentable with all the documents that you need to ensure the safety of you and everyone else in the car.


Taxis charge the customers on an hourly or meter basis. Self-drive can easily extend your extension of drive; with self-drive, there is no meter-based charging. You can purchase an unlimited-kilometer package and extend the period anytime, making the drive cost-effective for you.

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Self-drive Nepal: The Trusted Name in Car Rental in Nepal

Self-drive is a prime destination for anyone searching for a car rental in Nepal with reasonable, safe, and comfortable services. An ISO:9001 2005 certified largest car rental company in Nepal, Self-drive offers you a variety of well-maintained and high-quality cars. You are open to select your drive from the exclusive collections of Sedan, SUVs (5-seaters), SUVs (7-seaters), Hatchbacks and Electric cars as your drive.

Easy and quick online booking and a driver facility make Self-drive ahead of all the car rental companies in Nepal and, indeed, the best car rental in Nepal. To make a prompt booking, you can book your preferred drive online and through Self Drive App. You can contact us anytime if you have any queries, and we will get back to you ASAP.

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