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Dos and Don’ts for Self-Drive cars in Nepal

Dos and Don’ts for Self-Drive cars in Nepal

Nov 10 2022

Renting a car is essential while you are traveling. When renting a car, a lot of people make certain common mistakes. Due to this, the journey may become stressful. So with that in mind, let’s dive into learning “dos and don'ts when renting a car.”



Dos and don’ts of hiring a car

Do: Select the right vehicle.

When you rent a car, you must be sure of choosing the right vehicle. Decide how many people and how much baggage the car can carry.

If you have at least 5 passengers, remember that a larger vehicle may be best. While 5 people can sit in a car, it won’t be comfortable. If mileage and saving money on petrol while traveling is your concern, then go for a smaller model car.


Don’t: Delay the booking.

You should book your car at least three days before the day trip. It is best to make reservations a few days before the travel date because it gives you time to choose the right car and check the condition of the car.

Don't: Undervalue the importance of Insurance coverage

What most people don't know is that your own auto insurance will usually transfer to your rented car. Before you rent a car, contact your insurance provider to verify your specific coverage. Thus, when you hire a car, check if the rental company provides insurance coverage or not. You might want to consider purchasing additional car rental company insurance if you only have liability insurance or the minimum amount of coverage. 

The additional rental will only make sure that you are adequately covered in the event of an accident. So, the most crucial thing is ensuring you have adequate insurance before renting a car.


Do: Analyze weekly rates.

If you are planning to travel for a full week, you will check into weekly rates rather than daily rates for your rental. Though you aren’t traveling for a week,  there are price breaks with weekly rentals. If you don’t need the rental for the whole week, find out whether there is a penalty charge for returning the car early.

Don’t: Pay with a debit card.

You have to make sure to use a credit card when renting a car. The main reason is most credit card companies won’t accept a debit card as the mode of payment. Also, many credit cards offer special benefits for rentals. For example, some credit cards provide insurance coverage that helps you in the case of an emergency or accident.

Book Your Next Car Rental with Self-Drive

There are various car rental services in Nepal where you can book the vehicle as per your need. Still, among all of those rental companies, Self-drive is the best car rental in Nepal, ensuring secure and comfortable travel. 

We have a fleet of cars from world-leading automobile companies. After booking your rental car via online or via our Self Drive App, you can enjoy your drive to your destination. All the cars are well-serviced and well-maintained, as we never compromise in terms of comfort, hygiene, and safety. In addition, our services are reasonable, safe, and convenient. Also, for your safety, we provide you the car insurance to protect you from any kind of damage or accident.

You can read our blog Self Drive- The Best Car Rental in Nepal | 5 Reasons to Support to know why you should choose us as your car rental company in Nepal. Feel free to contact us anytime if you have any questions.


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