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rent premium car

5 things to consider when renting premium cars in Nepal

Mar 17 2024

For those who keep traveling frequently, renting premium cars is more convenient than using a public vehicle. The reason is you can travel with complete freedom and flexibility. You don't have to face any difficulties throughout the journey. However, there are a few things to keep in consideration when renting a car and we are going to discuss those in this blog.


Table of contents

      Benefits of renting premium cars in Nepal

5 things should you consider when renting premium cars

Why choose Self Drive Nepal to rent premium cars in Nepal?

Benefits of Renting Premium cars in Nepal

Renting premium cars in Nepal has more benefits than regular cars and public transport. Let’s see some of the benefits below:

  • You might want to ride in different cars. Buying it is impossible. When renting premium cars, you can have a variety of choices and try out every type you want.
  • A good impression is crucial when you are in business meetings. You can rent a premium car to reflect a positive impression on clients.
  • When you buy a luxury car the cost of maintenance is high. But when you rent a car you don’t need to worry about the maintenance cost because you are only renting for some time.
  • The premium cars are well-serviced and well-maintained from time to time. So you don’t need to worry in terms of safety and comfort.
  • Premium cars make traveling much more pleasant and simple. With suitable comfortable seats, you can enjoy your trip.


5 things you should consider when renting Premium Cars

Once you make up your mind about renting premium cars, there are a few things you need to consider. Let's look into them.

Research and choose the right rental service before renting

The first thing you should consider is to choose the right rental company. The better the company, the better the services. You have to research whether the company is ISO certified or not, the prices of premium cars, the hidden charges, Exchange in emergency services, the features and conditions of cars,  and many more.

Car insurance coverage

You need to consider the insurance policy of the company before renting premium cars. It is a kind of protection in case of an accident or any damage to a car. So, it is necessary to know whether there is a facility for car insurance coverage or not.

Check the budget properly

Every luxurious car has its own price. So before renting you should be aware of the hidden charges and extra costs that the company takes. So, you must rent a car that fits your budget.

Car rental agreement

Car rental agreement is the most important thing to need to consider. You have to read the car rental agreement policies carefully before renting a car. Most of the companies include the agreement policies on their website. So you have to check carefully. If not mentioned on the website you can directly contact and query.

Picking up the car

While picking up the car, you have to consider many things before signing the agreement. You have to make sure the car is in good condition and well-serviced. Check if there are any damages or scratches to avoid any charges or penalty fees later.

Why choose Self Drive Nepal to rent premium cars in Nepal?

There are various car rental services in Nepal from where you can rent premium cars as per your need. But among all of those companies, Self Drive Nepal is the best one for you. Our services are reasonable, safe, and convenient. We offer the best quality and flexible pricing for premium cars. We have a variety of choices of premium cars like Volkswagen polo, Hyundai Creta, Suzuki Brezza ,Ford Ecosport, MG GS, and many more. You can pick up any car you would like to. All the cars are well-serviced and well-maintained. We never compromise in terms of comfort and safety. Also, we provide you with car insurance so that you are protected from any kind of damage or accident.

If you want to know more about us then you can go through our website. If you have any queries then feel free to contact us.

You can read our blog [ Is Self Drive Nepal secure and trustable vehicle rental in Nepal? } to know more about us.


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