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5 Reasons to Book a Self-Drive Car in Festive Season

Mar 07 2024

The festive season is around the corner yet again, and we all are by this time in celebratory mode. With Tihar 2080 approaching, so are the long leaves to plan a retreat, visit our family and relatives, and much more.

Festivities allow one to take a pause and revive your body, mind, and soul for a new start. You can fulfill your celebration idea with a trustworthy travel partner. Book your favorite car from Self Drive Nepal and experience a smooth driving experience during the Tihar season.

·       Festival Shopping with Family and Friends:

There is a different kind of fun going on a shopping spree with family and friends during the festival season. The process definitely becomes incredibly easy with a self-drive car rental in Kathmandu as it offers the convenience of transportation tailored to your schedule and needs.

You can efficiently visit multiple stores, navigate through crowded shopping districts, and easily transport all your purchases without the limitations of public transportation. Additionally, you will have the flexibility to store shopping bags and make unprompted stops, enhancing the overall shopping experience while sharing quality time with your loved ones.

·       Freedom and Flexibility:

Renting a self-drive car from Self Drive Nepal during the Tihar festival provides you with the freedom to create your own schedule. You can explore the beautifully decorated streets and visit the various cultural and historical landmarks of your area without being tied to public transportation schedules. Public transportation is also not on the roads during the festival times.

·       Discover Hidden Gems:

The Tihar celebrations usually take place at night time, as a result, during the day time you can visit the places you have never visited before and were on your bucket list. For the people living within the Kathmandu valley, we have made you a list of places to enjoy the Tihar celebrations. Check out: Rent a Car This Tihar and Enjoy the Vibrant Lights of Kathmandu

    With a rented car, you can venture off the beaten path and discover hidden gems that are not typically part of the tourist circuit. Kathmandu is a city rich in culture and history, and a car rental in Kathmandu allows you to explore the hidden gems.

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·       Meeting with Family and Friends:

If you're celebrating Tihar 2080 with family or friends, renting a car or renting a vehicle makes it easier to travel together. During festivals, people travel far to see friends and family. When using a bus, train, or airplane, one must deal with crowds, set schedules and times, predetermined destinations, and no cancellations or changes.

Getting there safely and with flexibility are the benefits of driving a car. With a self-drive automobile, you can travel with plenty of fun and tremendous flexibility to change your plans as you go. You can enjoy the festivities with your loved ones, sharing the joy of the festival and making lasting memories

·       Avoid the chaos and crowding:

When you rent a car in Kathmandu and other major cities of Nepal, it gives you the freedom to explore peaceful, less-traveled areas at your speed while providing a peaceful haven from the bustle of the city area. For people who do not like the chaos and crowd while shopping and using public transportation, self-drive car rental is the way to go. You can book your self-drive car rental from Self Drive Nepal and enjoy your festival season peacefully.

Renting a vehicle during the festive season proves to be very easy and convenient. Get your car rental from Self Drive Nepal and celebrate your festival moments with your friends and family in full comfort, reliability, ease, and efficient way.

To book your self-drive car for the upcoming Tihar getaway or any other upcoming road trip, visit Self Drive Nepal.

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