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3 Reasons Why Self Drive Rental Cars are the other name of comfort

Mar 17 2024

Imagine: Driving through the calm roads of Chitwan with your hands on the wheel of the car of your choice; what a fantastic feeling it will be!! Well, that is possible with Self Drive Rental Cars! At Self Drive, a premium car rental in Nepal, we offer self-drive cars from an array of brands that fit your needs or desires.

While the topic of Self Drive has risen, you might have some questions in regard to safety and comfort. Safety prior to driving- checking engine, fuel, and overall car condition is done by the Self Drive Car rental company; however, you have to be alert while driving. Talking about comfort, this aspect we will be explaining in 3 points.

Let's dive in!

You are in Control; You are the Captain

Well, having your own car obviously brings you freedom- The Freedom to move right away after the signal goes green. So, when you own a self-drive car, you are the driver. Further, you can take the rental car on a given route but have the facility to stop by anywhere anytime. And the best thing about it is that you can stop by the place that amuses you and then take a selfie or any other form of memory. 

You can drive as per your schedule.

The simple procedure for self-drive renting includes- Contacting the Car Rentals for interest in the car, submitting documents and time, verifying, and taking your car-. Because of this, you can move as per your schedule. Well, the schedule might get affected by your driving timing, but if you are looking for a full self-controlled car to match up with your schedule, then Self Drive rental cars are your friends.

Reaching destination  with  GPS-guided Routes

Self-drive cars are cool, cleaned and technology-equipped. One of the advanced technology these cars have is GPS. GPS is known to everyone as it helps a person by showing the roads or ways when you are driving. In some cases, when you take self-drive rental cars, the route-related issue might occur. Thus, the GPS device (on phone and car) and the GPS tracker (which the car rental company uses) are useful to reduce such scenarios. The GPS tracker can instantly address the worst scenario of you being lost.

Why choose Self-Drive for Self-drive car rental in Nepal?

If you have a plan to decide to go on a solo drive in a rented car or plan to have a trip with your family members, but you want it to happen with luxurious cars. 

While you may find numerous options for self-drive car rental in Nepal, finding one that deals with luxurious car rental in Nepal is quite daunting. BUT SELF-DRIVE IS HERE!!!

We have a fleet of cars that ranges from luxurious sections to electric or normal SUVs. We ensure to provide our customers with convenient, safe, and delighted vehicles which will provide their vehicle for a certain period. 

If you are also interested in getting your experience on car rental service or are in search of premium self-drive car rental in Nepal, the Self Drive is the perfect stop. You can download our app" Self Drive " or contact us.

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